How to Avoid Unauthorized Deductions from your SASSA Grant?

Having random, unapproved deductions made from your SASSA grant can create financial stress. If you notice suspicious deductions, you can dispute them to put a stop to it.

What Are Unauthorized Deductions?

Unauthorized deductions are when money is taken from your SASSA grant without your permission. This often happens when:

  • You are signed up for a product or service without consenting or realizing.
  • A company deducts for more or longer than agreed.
  • Deductions continue after a policy or loan should have ended.
  • Your personal details are used to open an account not in your name.

These deductions likely won’t stop on their own – you must actively dispute them or complain about them.

How to Check for and Identify Unauthorized Transactions?

Review your grant payment history regularly to spot unauthorized deductions, including:

  • Carefully review your bank statements or payment notifications.
  • Check you recognize the company names making deductions.
  • Confirm the deduction dates match policies you have agreed to.
  • Look for deductions larger than expected.
  • Note deductions for unknown companies or strange reasons.

Any suspicious, unapproved deductions should be disputed immediately.

Disputing Unauthorized Deductions from SASSA

If you discover mystery deductions from your SASSA grant, follow this dispute process:

  • SMS “Dispute” to 345448
  • Include your ID number, full name, the company’s name, policy duration, and reason.
  • If the company name is unknown, call SASSA on 0800 60 10 11 to investigate.
  • SASSA and its fraud team will review your dispute and contact you.
  • Provide any supporting documents, statements or communication.
  • Be prepared to give a statement if needed.

SASSA will open a trace to identify the deduction source and take action to reverse any unauthorized transactions. This process may take some time, so dispute unauthorized deductions promptly.

How to Prevent Unauthorized SASSA Deductions?

Once resolved, you can take proactive steps to help avoid becoming victim to unauthorized deductions again:

  • Never share your SASSA card PIN or card number.
  • Avoid using your SASSA card for loans, contracts or purchases.
  • Do not give any company permission to deduct from SASSA.
  • Shred all statements and SASSA communication.
  • Use a locked mailbox and clear personal info from mail.
  • Check statements meticulously each month.
  • Report lost cards immediately to prevent fraud.

Remaining vigilant against scams or predatory lending can reduce the risk of unauthorized deductions reoccurring.


Unapproved deductions from your SASSA grant should be identified and disputed promptly. By reviewing statements regularly, reporting suspicious activity, and preventing personal details misuse, you can better guard against unauthorized transactions in the future.

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