Can I Collect My R350 SASSA Grant at Shoprite?

The R350 SASSA grant provides monthly financial relief to unemployed South Africans. Instead of collecting this grant at the post office, many wonder if they can withdraw the funds directly at Shoprite stores. This article answers this common question in detail and explains the process to switch your R350 payout location to Shoprite.

Overview of Collecting SASSA Grant at Shoprite

Yes, you can collect your R350 SASSA grant payout at any Shoprite store in South Africa. However, you first need to change your payment method from cash payout to the Shoprite Money Market Account. This involves registering for the Shoprite account, getting confirmation documents, and submitting forms to SASSA.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to switch your R350 grant withdrawal option to Shoprite payout so you can collect your funds directly at their stores nationwide.

Step 1: Register for the Shoprite Money Market Account

To collect your R350 grant at Shoprite, you first need to open a Shoprite Money Market Account. Here is how to register:

  • Dial 1205345# on your phone and follow the registration steps.
  • Provide your ID number, contact information, and set up your account password.
  • Shoprite will send an SMS to verify your cell phone number.

Once registered, you will have an active Shoprite Money Market Account to link your SASSA grant to.

Step 2: Get Your Shoprite Account Confirmation

After registering your Shoprite account, get a confirmation letter:

  • Log into your new Shoprite account via the Shoprite Money Market App.
  • Under ‘Statements’, download your account confirmation letter. This will contain your account details.
  • Print or save this confirmation on your phone to submit to SASSA.

This letter verifies your registered Shoprite account so SASSA can pay funds into it.

Step 3: Download the SASSA Consent Form

To change your payout method to Shoprite, you also need the SASSA consent form:

  • Get the form from the SASSA website and print it out.
  • Or collect a copy in person from your nearest Shoprite store.
  • Fill out this form fully with your personal and grant details.

The consent form gives SASSA permission to pay your grant to your Shoprite account.

Step 4: Submit Forms to SASSA

With both documents in hand, visit your closest SASSA office and submit:

  • Your printed Shoprite account confirmation letter.
  • The completed SASSA consent form.
  • Your original South African ID book or card.

SASSA will process these documents and switch your R350 grant payouts to your Shoprite Money Market Account.

How to Withdraw Your SASSA Grant at Shoprite?

Once SASSA has successfully changed your payout method, withdrawing your funds at any Shoprite is easy:

  • Go to any Shoprite store nationwide.
  • Provide your ID number and Shoprite account details.
  • Shoprite will verify your identity and grant amount.
  • You will receive your R350 in cash immediately.

You can now withdraw your monthly grant directly at Shoprite stores for added convenience.

Benefits of Using Shoprite for SASSA Payouts?

Here are some key benefits of switching your R350 grant payment to Shoprite:

  • Convenient payouts at over 500 Shoprite locations countrywide
  • Quick and instant cash withdrawals
  • Low fees – only R5 per withdrawal, no monthly account fees
  • Secure process via verified Shoprite Money Market Account
  • Accessible service with payouts in rural and urban areas


In summary, yes you can collect your R350 SASSA grant payout at any Shoprite store in South Africa. However, you need to first register for the Shoprite Money Market Account, get account confirmation documents, submit forms to SASSA, and then change your payout method. This allows you to safely withdraw your funds in cash at any Shoprite near you.

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