Can You Collect the SASSA R350 Grant Without a Pay Date?

If you’ve been approved for South Africa’s special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, but don’t have an assigned pay date yet, you may be wondering if you can collect funds.

It’s important to note that your grant cannot be collected until SASSA has processed the first payment and communicated a pay date to you.

Here’s what approval without a pay date means and how to get your pay schedule.

Understanding SRD Grant Approval

The SRD grant provides R350 monthly relief to unemployed South Africans impacted by the pandemic. To receive funds, you must first have your application reviewed and approved by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

Once approved, SASSA will send you:

  • A notification of approval by SMS, email or mail
  • Details on which payment method you registered for
  • An assigned pay date for when you can withdraw the first and subsequent payments.

Approval alone does not mean payment has been processed or funds are available. SASSA must still release the first payment and schedule pay dates.

Why Your Pay Date Matters

Having an official pay date is important because:

  • It confirms when SASSA has transferred or made funds available to you.
  • Knowing the exact date allows you to plan and budget.
  • It ensures funds will be available and not rejected when trying to withdraw.
  • Pay points can verify you are scheduled for payment when collecting.

Without a set pay date, you have no confirmation funds are ready, risking wasted trips to pay points.

Can I Collect R350 Without a Pay Date?

No, you cannot collect the SRD grant until SASSA has processed the first payment and assigned an official pay date.

Approval just means you are eligible, but grant funds won’t be released and available until a pay date is set.

Attempting to withdraw or checking your bank balance before then is fruitless. Even if your grant shows approved, wait for communication on your pay schedule.

How to Get Your Pay Date Assigned

To ensure you get a pay date allocated:

  • Respond to all SASSA messages – Reply to any texts, emails or calls requesting additional documents or details from you. This can delay processing and pay scheduling.
  • Follow up if it’s been over 4 weeks – Call the SASSA helpline or visit an office to inquire if approval is recent but no pay date yet.
  • Confirm your payment method – Make sure SASSA has your bank account details or selected payment option to disburse funds.
  • Submit any pending documents – Provide outstanding verification documents if requested by SASSA.

What to Do Once You Get a Pay Date

Once you receive notification from SASSA of your official pay date, you can then:

  • Mark your calendar and budget for that pay schedule.
  • Know the grant will be available and ready for collection on that date forward.
  • Withdraw funds using your chosen method like bank account, SASSA card, cash send etc.
  • Contact SASSA if any issues collecting on a scheduled pay date.

Waiting for the first pay date takes patience, but it ensures you can reliably access your SRD funds when they are disbursed.


In summary, your R350 SRD grant cannot be collected until after approval and SASSA has processed the first payment while assigning your pay date.

Attempt withdrawals only after you are informed of when the funds will be released to avoid wasted trips. Follow up diligently if approved but no pay date set yet. This will help get your grant disbursements on track so you can start benefiting from the essential financial relief.

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