How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits?

The tragic loss of a loved one often leaves families in dire financial straits, especially when the deceased was a breadwinner. With welfare and unemployment devastatingly high in South Africa, many grieving families struggle to afford final funeral and burial costs. Fortunately, SASSA offers invaluable funeral benefits to provide aid when it is needed most. In this comprehensive guide, I will explain everything about securing SASSA funeral payouts during unemployment and hardship.

Understanding SASSA Funeral Benefits

SASSA’s funeral benefits or SASSA Funeral Policy offers a lifeline to unemployed South Africans and families living in poverty who have lost a loved one. If the deceased was receiving a SASSA social assistance grant, their family is entitled to financial help covering funeral expenses according to South African Social Security Agency.

The specific benefits include:

  • R9,000 lump sum payout to cover direct funeral and burial costs
  • An extra R2,500 in supplemental financial relief

For unemployed or low-income families already under financial strain, these payouts can make the difference in being able to give their loved one a dignified funeral service.

The R9,000 is intended to pay for necessary funeral-related costs such as:

  • Transporting and storing the deceased
  • Mortuary and burial plot fees
  • Purchasing a coffin
  • Tents, catering, refreshments
  • Floral arrangements
  • Tombstone
  • Clergy and officiant fees

The additional R2,500 provides urgent financial cushioning during the bereavement period. It can be used at the family’s discretion for pressing needs that arise.

Who Qualifies for SASSA Funeral Benefits?

To receive SASSA funeral benefits, the late individual must have been actively receiving one of the following SASSA social grants for unemployed or low-income citizens at the time of death:

  • Old age pension
  • Disability grant
  • Child support grant
  • Foster child grant
  • Care dependency grant
  • War veteran’s grant

The living family member who applies must prove their relation to the deceased and provide certified copies of ID books and the original death certificate. Benefits are paid out to spouses, children, siblings or parents of the deceased.

Claiming SASSA Funeral Benefits During Unemployment

Follow this step-by-step guide to claim SASSA funeral benefits when unemployed:

  1. Report the Death Visit or call your nearest SASSA office to report the grant recipient’s passing and provide the date of death.
  2. Gather Required Documents Acquire certified copies of yours and the deceased’s IDs, the original death certificate, and proof of relation such as marriage or birth certificates.
  3. Complete the Claim Forms Obtain and fill in the BI-1663 and BI-1680 SASSA claim forms accurately providing all personal and funeral details.
  4. Submit the Funeral Claim Bring the completed forms, documents and funeral receipts to your closest SASSA office to submit the claim.
  5. Await Claim Processing Processing can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Respond promptly to any requests for additional details or documents.
  6. Receive the Payout Once approved, the total funeral benefit amount will be paid into your bank account or available for cash collection.

Tips for Efficient Processing of Your Claim

To ensure your SASSA funeral benefits are paid out quickly and smoothly:

  • Act right away – report the death and claim within 3 months of the passing
  • Keep original receipts of all funeral and burial expenses
  • Get multiple certified copies of the required documents
  • Know the deceased’s ID and grant details
  • Follow up if it is taking longer than expected

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if funeral costs exceed the payout amounts?

Families are responsible for covering any funeral costs beyond the R9,000 and R2,500 benefits. Start with the most essential expenses.

Q: Can benefits be claimed if the grant lapsed?

Unfortunately not. The deceased must have been an active grant recipient when they passed for benefits to apply.

Q: Is the payout calculated per grant or per person?

Only one total funeral benefit amount is paid out per deceased individual, irrespective of how many grants they were on.

Q: How long does it take to receive the payout?

It can take from several days to a few weeks depending on document verification and processing timeframes. Complete documents help speed up the process.

Q: What if a family member can’t afford to gather all the documents?

A social worker can be appointed to assist low-income families in compiling the required documentation to claim benefits.

The tragic loss of a loved one should not bury families in debt. By comprehensively explaining eligibility, documents, and step-by-step claiming instructions, this guide aims to ensure South Africa’s most vulnerable and unemployed citizens can access the vital funeral benefits they may be entitled to from SASSA.

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