Does SASSA have An App?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) distributes monthly social grants to millions of eligible South African citizens. With mobile apps being a popular way to access services, many wonder if SASSA has developed an official app for grant management and information.

No Official SASSA App Currently Available

As of October 2023, SASSA has not released an official mobile application for Apple iOS or Android devices that allows users to apply for grants, check balances, or access other services. Any apps found in app stores purporting to be from SASSA are fraudulent apps intending to illegally obtain users’ personal details and grant information.

Citizens should exercise caution about third-party apps that request SASSA ID numbers, grant amounts, or other sensitive data. Until SASSA announces an official app through reputable channels, users should avoid providing personal details to unverified apps, as they are likely scams.

SASSA’s Official Website Offers Digital Services

While an app is currently unavailable, South Africans can connect with SASSA digitally through their official website at The SASSA website allows citizens to complete and submit forms, track grant applications, manage SRD grants, and more online.

Users should double check any site’s URL to ensure it specifically contains “” to avoid imitation scam sites. SASSA’s real website enables accessing services like grant application forms, payment schedules, grant status checks, and updating personal details safely.

For security, users must enter their national ID number and mobile phone number when logging into SASSA’s site to prevent potential fraudulent access.

Contacting SASSA Regional Offices for Assistance

If users require additional personalized services or assistance from SASSA representatives regarding their grant, visiting one of SASSA’s regional offices in person is recommended.

Citizens can also call SASSA’s national toll-free hotline at 0800 60 10 11 to speak with an agent who can answer questions or provide guidance on completing grant-related tasks.

For written enquiries or complaints to SASSA’s administration, the official online complaint submission form on their website can be utilized, ensuring issues are logged and addressed.

Future Official App in Development

While an official app is not currently available, SASSA has indicated they are modernizing their digital platforms to improve citizens’ access to services. It is possible SASSA may develop official iOS and Android apps in the future as supplemental platforms to their website.

These could allow streamlined grant management, payments, and reporting through secure mobile apps. However, citizens should exercise caution until SASSA formally launches official mobile apps.

To stay informed on potential new SASSA digital platforms including future apps, following their official social media and announcements is recommended. Unless notified directly by SASSA through official channels, mobile apps related to SASSA should be assumed fraudulent.

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