How Do I Fix a Declined SASSA SRD R350 Grant Application?

Having your SASSA SRD R350 grant application rejected can be confusing and stressful. But don’t worry, you can take steps to fix a declined grant. The key is understanding why it was rejected in the first place.

Find Out The Exact Rejection Reason

The first thing to do is identify the specific reason your R350 grant application was declined by SASSA. Here’s how:

  • Go to the SASSA SRD appeals website at
  • Enter your ID number and the mobile number used to apply.
  • Click “Send PIN” and input the PIN sent to your mobile when received.
  • Select the month you want to appeal for reconsideration.
  • Choose the rejection reason and submit your appeal.
  • Await the outcome of your appeal request.

This allows you to see the official reason stated for your rejection from Sassa’s records. Knowing this enables properly addressing the decline.

Gather Supporting Documentation

Once the rejection reason is clear, compile documentation that counters it. This evidence will support your eligibility during the appeal.

For example:

  • Bank statements proving income below the threshold if rejected for too much income.
  • Your ID if rejected for identity verification failure.
  • Proof you do not receive other grants if declined for an existing grant.

Submit supporting docs that directly address the rejection basis with your appeal.

Submit Your SRD Grant Appeal

To formally dispute your rejection, submit an appeal within 30 days of the denial date. This gives Sassa opportunity to reconsider the decision based on your evidence.

Some initially declined applicants have succeeded on appeal and now receive SRD payments. So it’s worth appealing unfair rejections. Monitor the status and provide any additional requested info.

Follow Up If No Response

While appeals take around 90 days to finalize, follow up if it’s been long without an update. Reach out to Sassa if needed to learn the status. Persistence pays off.

With the proper steps, a declined SRD can be overturned. Determine the reason, gather contrary evidence, appeal on time, and follow up. By addressing the specific basis for rejection, your grant application can go from declined to approved!

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