What if I Forgot my Phone Number for SASSA Application?

If you have submitted a SASSA grant application but realized you provided an incorrect or forgot your phone number, take action quickly to update your contact details. Having your latest phone number on file with SASSA ensures you receive important communications about your application status, interviews, and grant payments if approved.

In this guide we will tell you the key steps to follow if you need to update your phone number for an existing SASSA application.

Find Your SASSA Application ID

First, you need to locate the unique application ID (AppID) assigned to you by SASSA when you first applied. This ID will be required to verify your identity and access the application details.

Your AppID should be available on the official SASSA website if you registered online. Otherwise, check the SRD portal or look for it in emails/SMS messages from SASSA. Having this application ID handy saves time when contacting SASSA to update details.

Contact SASSA Via Phone, Email or In-Person

With your AppID, get in touch with SASSA through one of these convenient channels:

  • Call the SASSA toll-free helpline at 0800 60 10 11. Select the appropriate prompts to speak with an agent about updating your phone number.
  • Visit the SASSA website and submit an online enquiry via the contact form. Specify you need to update your phone number for an existing application.
  • Go to your nearest SASSA local office in person. Explain to the SASSA officer that you need to update your phone number tied to your application ID.

Be sure to have your ID number handy as you will need to verify your identity before SASSA can pull up your application and make changes.

Update Via WhatsApp If Unable to Contact SASSA

If you are struggling to get through to SASSA via the standard channels, try reaching out on WhatsApp at 0820468553. Explain clearly that you need to update the phone number on your specific application and provide the AppID.

However, this WhatsApp process may have delays versus calling or visiting in person. Use it as a backup option if absolutely needed.

Provide Your New Phone Number

Once connected with a SASSA agent by phone, online or in-person, clearly provide your new, correct phone number. Double check the number is accurate before submitting. SASSA will then update your application contact details with your latest phone number.

Frequency of Updates Allowed

Note that you can only make one request per 24-hour period to change your phone number on a SASSA application. So ensure the new phone number provided is the final correct one.

Keep Your Details Updated

Be sure to inform SASSA anytime your phone number changes during the application process. Accurate contact information is crucial so you don’t miss important Status updates, interview invitations, or requests for documents. Check in periodically to verify your details if needed.

With the right Application ID and phone number change request through official SASSA channels, you can seamlessly update your forgotten or incorrect phone number. This ensures you stay connected throughout the SASSA application process until a final decision is made.

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