How do I Check my SASSA on WhatsApp?

If you’ve applied for a SASSA grant like the child support, disability or old age grant, you likely want to track the status of your application. There are a few options to check the progress of your SASSA application. One convenient way is using the WhatsApp messaging platform.

WhatsApp allows you to check your SASSA status right from your phone using simple text prompts. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check your SASSA status on WhatsApp:

Step 1 – Text “Sassa” to the Official Number

To get started, open your WhatsApp app and text the word “Sassa” to the phone number 082 046 8553. This is the official WhatsApp channel set up by SASSA to provide services.

Once you text the word to that number, you will get an automated reply from the SASSA WhatsApp chatbot. This marks the start of your status check process.

Step 2 – Reply with “Status”

The chatbot’s reply will provide some options for services you can access via WhatsApp. From the menu, respond with the word “Status” to indicate you want to check your application status.

Replying with just the word “Status” prompts the system to provide next steps for checking your status.

Step 3 – Confirm You Have a Reference Number

After you type “Status”, the chatbot will ask if you have a reference number for your SASSA application. Reply “Yes” to confirm that you do have this reference number handy.

The reference number is provided when you first submit the SASSA grant application. Make sure you have this number available before initiating the WhatsApp status check.

Step 4 – Provide Your Cell Number and Reference Number

The chatbot will then ask for the cell phone number you used when applying for your SASSA grant. Type in your cell number, including the country code (+27 for South Africa) in the reply.

Next, the chatbot will request your reference number. Type in the reference number exactly as it appears on your application receipt or confirmation SMS.

Step 5 – Receive Your SASSA Status Update

Once you provide the cell phone number and reference number, the chatbot will automatically look up the status of your SASSA application.

You will then receive a reply indicating your current application status, whether it is pending, approved, or rejected. The reply should also include details like grant type and other relevant notes.

That’s it! Within a few simple messages, you can get an update on your SASSA application progress through WhatsApp. Be sure to save the 082 046 8553 number to easily request status updates.

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