What To Do About ‘Identity Verification Failed’ SRD Status?

The special COVID-19 SRD grant has provided a vital lifeline to millions of South Africans impacted by the pandemic. However, some applicants have encountered an ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status when applying, leaving them unable to access this essential financial relief. In this guide we will examine the reasons for this status, as well as the steps to appeal and resolve the issues to successfully secure your rightful SRD grant.

What Does ‘Identity Verification Failed’ Mean for the SRD Grant Application?

Before approving SRD grant applications, SASSA conducts identity verifications by cross-checking the applicant’s personal details against Department of Home Affairs records. An ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status on your SRD application indicates that the information you provided did not sufficiently match these official identity databases.

This failure can occur for reasons such as incorrect ID numbers or mismatched name spellings. SASSA processes applications through multiple databases, with the initial check going through Department of Home Affairs based on the ID number, names and surnames provided. Any discrepancies or mismatches will result in an ‘Identity Verification Failed’ outcome.

Appealing and Resolving the ‘Identity Verification Failed’ Status

If you believe your SRD grant application was unfairly rejected with this status, you can lodge an appeal on the SASSA website to have your case reconsidered. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the SASSA SRD appeals site at srd.dsd.gov.za
  • Enter your ID number and phone number
  • Formally lodge your appeal providing all details
  • Follow up monthly while it is being processed

It is important to submit your appeal within 30 days of receiving the rejection notification for optimal results. SASSA’s Independent Tribunal will review your case and relay the appeals outcome electronically in 60-90 days.

Ensure all your personal details match your official identification documents exactly when lodging the appeal to resolve any verification issues. Double check that your ID number, first names, surname, date of birth and contact information all correspond accurately. Provide supporting documentation if needed.

Remain persistent in following up each month while the appeal is pending. If the SRD grant is rightfully owed to you, continuously appeal any repeated rejections until the identity issues are resolved and your application is finally approved.

With the proper verification documents and information provided, SASSA can rectify any initial identity discrepancies that led to your SRD application being flagged as ‘Identity Verification Failed’. This will allow you to successfully access the crucial financial support the SRD grant offers to struggling South Africans during these challenging times.

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