What’s the Income Threshold for South Africa’s SASSA Grant Qualification?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides monthly cash grants to eligible citizens who meet certain criteria. An important eligibility factor is your income – you need to earn below specified thresholds to qualify for different SASSA grants.

In this guide we will learn about the maximum income limits you can earn to be eligible for the main SASSA Grants in 2023.

Overview of Income Thresholds for SASSA Grants

SASSA does not have a universal income threshold for grants. Each grant type has its own income limit based on your personal or combined marital circumstances.

In general, the higher your monthly or annual earnings, the less likely you are to qualify for SASSA monthly support. Your income is assessed together with your assets.

Below are the current maximum income thresholds you can earn to be eligible for the main SASSA grants:

Grant NameMaximum Income Threshold
SRD GrantR 624
Foster Child GrantNill
Child Support GrantR 60000
Care Dependency GrantR 20800
Old Persons GrantR 96840
Disability GrantR 193680

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of the income eligibility rules for each major SASSA grant.

SRD Grant Income Threshold

The SASSA SRD grant provides temporary financial relief for those urgently in need. To qualify for the SRD grant:

  • If you are single, you cannot earn more than R624 per month.
  • If you are married or cohabiting, your combined income cannot exceed R1,248 monthly.

This is the lowest income threshold for SASSA grants, as SRD targets those in dire need.

Foster Child Grant Income Rules

The Foster Child grant supports designated foster parents. This grant has no income threshold requirements.

Foster parents of any income level can apply, as long as they are approved to care for the child and meet all other eligibility criteria.

Child Support Grant Income Limits

The Child Support Grant helps caregivers support children under 18. To qualify:

  • Single caregivers cannot exceed R5,000 monthly or R60,000 annually.
  • For married couples, combined income must be below R10,000 per month.

So your household income limits are R5,000 – R10,000 per month maximum when applying for this grant.

Care Dependency Grant Income Threshold

The Care Dependency Grant assists caregivers of children with disabilities requiring full-time care.

  • If you are single, you cannot earn over R20,800 annually.
  • For married couples, the combined limit is R41,600 per year.

So your income must fall below these amounts based on your relationship status.

Older Person’s Grant Income Limits

The Older Person’s Grant supports seniors 60 and over. The income limits are:

  • For single seniors, income under R16,140 monthly or R96,840 yearly.
  • For married seniors, combined income under R32,280 monthly or R193,680 yearly.

These are the current Older Person’s Grant income thresholds.

Disability Grant Income Eligibility

The Disability Grant assists South Africans with disability conditions. The income limits are:

  • R19,368 per year if you are single.
  • R38,736 per year if you are married.

So your annual income cannot exceed these thresholds for the Disability Grant.

Tips for Meeting SASSA Income Requirements

Here are some tips to ensure your income meets the thresholds:

  • Accurately calculate your monthly or annual income from all sources.
  • If married, include your spouse’s earnings to determine combined income.
  • Review the grant income limits carefully for your circumstances.
  • If self-employed, provide accurate income statements and taxes.
  • Ensure you fall below the income threshold for the grant you are applying for.

Meeting the income eligibility requirements is key to qualifying for a SASSA grant.


In summary, SASSA grant income limits vary depending on your marital status and which grant you are applying for. Ensure your current earnings, assets, and relationship circumstances align with the specific income thresholds outlined above for each grant. This will give you the highest chance of approval for monthly financial support.

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