Postbank Confirms SASSA Gold Cards Will Work After December 2023

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) recently announced that Postbank SASSA gold cards will not expire in December 2023 as initially communicated. Postbank has confirmed that SASSA beneficiaries can continue using their gold cards to access social grant payments beyond the December 2023 date. This development comes as welcome relief for millions of SASSA beneficiaries who depend on the monthly social grants.

Postbank is the only bank mandated to replace expiring SASSA gold cards. The bank has assured grant recipients that they do not need to switch to other bank cards to continue receiving payments. Postbank spokesperson Bongani Diako said SASSA gold card holders can keep using their cards beyond December 2023.

The announcement reverses Postbank’s earlier statement that the SASSA gold cards would become invalid after December. That initial notification had caused panic among pensioners, many of whom proceeded to replace their Postbank cards. However, Postbank now says the December 2023 expiry date will not apply.

Millions of South Africans rely on social grants paid out primarily through SASSA gold cards. Guaranteeing the continued validity of these cards ensures convenience and avoids unnecessary costs for beneficiaries. They will not have to bear the inconvenience and expense of changing to other bank cards or payment methods.

Key Highlights

  • SASSA gold cards will continue to work normally after December 2023 to pay out social grants. Beneficiaries should disregard information directing them to replace cards.
  • Only Postbank is authorized to issue replacement SASSA gold cards. No other bank has a mandate to replace the cards.
  • SASSA gold cards can be used to withdraw grants from ATMs countrywide, offering convenience and reducing long queues.
  • Beneficiaries should report any retailer forcing purchases before paying out grants. Beneficiaries are entitled to full grant payments.
  • SASSA gold cards offer free withdrawals in shops, free statements and balance inquiries, empowering users.

Providing Assurance and Continuity

The extension of the SASSA gold cards’ validity ensures continuity for beneficiaries. It also avoids the significant costs and inconvenience of changing millions of payment cards nationwide.

Pensioners Had Already Changed Cards

75-year-old Nadia Nelson from Wynberg is among beneficiaries who had already changed their SASSA gold cards. Nelson switched after not receiving her September grant due to technical issues at Postbank. Thousands of other pensioners also failed to get payouts that month.

Postbank’s Vital Role in Social Grants

Postbank has played a crucial role in paying social grants to millions each month through the SASSA card system. Guaranteeing the cards’ continued functionality beyond December 2023 gives recipients assurance and convenience.

Beneficiaries are advised to visit or contact Postbank Customer Care at 0800 535 455 for more information. The bank has reiterated that SASSA gold cards will continue to pay out grants reliably after December 2023.

This development allows millions of beneficiaries, including marginalized groups in rural areas, to keep using their trusted SASSA gold cards. They can avoid the difficulty of transitioning to new bank cards or other payment platforms. Overall, Postbank’s commitment enhances service delivery for disadvantaged South Africans dependent on social grants.

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