SASSA Grant Payment Dates for November 2023

Millions of South Africans depend on SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) grants to afford basic necessities. Having your exact November 2023 payment dates is vital for managing your budget. This comprehensive guide covers when all key SASSA grants will be disbursed next month.

Whether you receive an Older Person’s Grant, Disability Grant, Child Support Grant, or other welfare payment, use this article to understand your November payment schedule. Planning ahead will help ensure you have funds available to cover essential costs.


SASSA Grant Payment Dates for November 2023

  • Older Persons Grant – Thursday, 2 November
  • Disability Grant – Friday, 3 November
  • Children’s Grant – Monday, 6 November

Older Person’s Grant Payment Date

The Older Person’s Grant (OPG) is consistently paid on the 2nd of each month.

In November 2023, OPG recipients can expect their grant on Thursday, 2 November. Applicants must be over age 60 to qualify for this monthly support.

The standard OPG amount is R2,010 per month for those aged 60-75. Beneficiaries over 75 receive R2,160 monthly.

Any other SASSA grants linked to an OPG recipient’s account will also be paid on the 2nd. For example, a caregiver’s Child Support Grant deposited into their parent’s OPG account follows the 2nd of the month schedule.

Disability Grant Payment Date

The Disability Grant is disbursed on the 3rd of each month.

Therefore, the November 2023 Disability Grant will be paid on Friday, 3 November. To receive this grant, applicants must submit medical assessments verifying inability to work due to disability.

The current monthly amount for the Disability Grant is set at R2,010. As with the OPG, any other grants linked to a disability recipient’s account are paid simultaneously on the 3rd.

Child Support and Other Grant Payment Date

The remaining SASSA grants are all scheduled for the 6th of each month.

In November, these will be paid on Monday, 6 November. This group covers:

  • Child Support Grants
  • Foster Child Grants
  • Care Dependency Grants
  • War Veteran’s Grants

The Child Support and Foster Child Grants are R510 per month. The Care Dependency Grant is R2,010. War Veteran’s Grants range from R2,010 to R2,370 by age.

Weekend and Holiday Payment Schedule Changes

If the scheduled payment date falls on a weekend or public holiday, disbursement will occur the preceding Friday instead.

For example, if the 3rd were a Sunday, the Disability Grant would be paid on Friday the 2nd. This applies to all SASSA grant types to ensure access to funds.

How Payment Dates Are Set Each Month?

SASSA structures its calendar by:

  • Paying OPGs first
  • Following with Disability Grants the next day
  • Disbursing remaining grants two days after OPGs

This prioritizes the elderly and disabled. The standardized schedule then continues through the month unless impacted by weekends.

Confirming Your Exact Dates

While these grant schedules are consistent, you can verify the precise payment dates for upcoming months through:

  • The SASSA website
  • Calling the SASSA helpline
  • Visiting your local SASSA office
  • Announcements on SASSA social media

This provides easy access to the latest calendars.

Avoiding Missed or Delayed Payments

To ensure successful on-time payment:

  • Confirm your details with SASSA are current
  • Know your grant type and schedule
  • Notify SASSA of any changes
  • Follow up if funds are late

Proactively managing your account helps optimize prompt delivery of your essential support each month.

With this overview of all SASSA grant payment dates for November 2023, you can accurately budget and prepare for when your funds will be available. Just stay updated on any schedule changes due to holidays and weekends. Consistently informing SASSA of changes to your circumstances will help guarantee stable on-time delivery of your vital welfare grants.

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