How Long Does It Take For SASSA to Pay After Updating Banking Details?

Changing your banking details with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) for your monthly social grants requires registering your new account details and waiting for verification.

But how long does it then take after updating your banking information for your first SASSA grant payment to reflect in the new account?

In this guide we will examine the standard SASSA payment processing timeline, factors that can cause delays, and tips to receive your grants promptly after switching bank accounts.

Typical Processing Timeline

Once you successfully update your banking details with SASSA by submitting the required forms and documents, you can expect:

  • 5-7 working days for SASSA to verify your new account and process the payment switch
  • Up to 2 additional working days for the first payment to reflect from your bank after SASSA releases it

So in total, allow approximately 7 to 10 working days from the time you change your banking details for the next grant payment to deposit into your new account.

This timeline may be slightly longer if you are changing to a rural or cooperative bank account.

Key Steps in the Payment Process

Here is how SASSA handles payment into a new bank account in detail:

  • You submit the SASSA banking detail change forms and required proof of account ownership.
  • SASSA verifies the new account details are valid and match your ID.
  • Your grant payment gets switched to the new account in SASSA’s payment system.
  • SASSA releases the payment batch to your bank on the scheduled date.
  • Your bank receives the payment data and deposits the grant amount into your account.
  • The funds reflect in your available bank account balance.

What Can Delay Your SASSA Payment?

While SASSA strives to process payments promptly after banking changes, delays can still occur due to:

  • Very high application volumes slowing verifications and switches.
  • Errors or typos in new banking details provided.
  • Administrative glitches between SASSA and your new bank.
  • Technical issues like downtimes or maintenance at your bank.
  • Public holidays or non-business days interrupting processing.

If your grant payment is delayed beyond 10 working days, contact SASSA for assistance.

Tips to Speed Up Processing

You can help fast-track new grant payments by:

  • Giving SASSA your new details well in advance of payment dates.
  • Ensuring your new account is already activated and compliant.
  • Providing completely accurate account numbers, branch codes and names.
  • Using major commercial banks that integrate smoothly with SASSA.
  • Avoiding changing details during peak times like January or December.
  • Following up with SASSA if exceeds the 7-10 working day timeline.

Can I Track Status of New Payment?

Absolutely. You can track the status of your next expected payment after switching banks:

  • By logging into your SASSA online account.
  • Via the SASSA call center helpline 0800 60 10 11.
  • By visiting your nearest SASSA office for confirmation.
  • Through your new bank’s customer service channels.

Next Steps if Payment Issues Persist

If your grant still does not reflect after 10 working days, urgently:

  • Confirm all your new details provided to SASSA are 100% accurate.
  • Follow up with your new bank to check they have received the payment from SASSA.
  • Visit your SASSA office with ID and statements to investigate delays.
  • Call SASSA support and submit a complaint for non-payment if unresolved.

With due diligence and patience after updating details, your SASSA grants should reflect in your new nominated bank account within 7-10 working days in most cases.

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