SASSA Works to Fix Technical Issues Causing Grant Payment Delays

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has acknowledged technical issues resulting in delayed grant payments for millions of beneficiaries in August 2022. SASSA is working to resolve the glitches and normalize grant disbursements.


According to SASSA statements, the agency experienced IT system errors in early August 2022 leading to interruptions in grant payments, including R350 Social Relief of Distress grants.

Frustrated beneficiaries took to social media to raise concerns after approved grants were not received as expected on August 2, 3 and 4. SASSA has apologized for the delays and reassured recipients payments will be made.

Details of SASSA Grant Payment Delays

In their latest announcement, SASSA outlined:

  • The delays affected all grant types due to technical glitches. This included child, disability, older persons, and relief grants.
  • Each application is re-evaluated monthly to verify eligibility before payment. This process was disrupted.
  • Relief grant payments do not have fixed monthly dates. Recipients are paid once assessed as still qualifying.
  • Payment delays could last days or weeks depending on backlogs and IT errors.
  • No Grant payments were made from August 1-4 as previously scheduled.

SASSA stated they are working to resolve the IT errors and normalize grant disbursements.

SASSA’s Response and Efforts to Resolve Delays

SASSA spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi provided insight into their response:

  • SASSA was already experiencing backlogs that contributed to the payment delays.
  • The IT system errors further disrupted assessments and processing of grants.
  • Additional staff and resources have been deployed to deal with the backlog and glitches.
  • The priority is to stabilize systems to restart grant payments to approved beneficiaries.
  • Regional SASSA offices remain available to assist recipients affected by non-payments.

SASSA has reassured grant beneficiaries that payments will be made as soon as possible after tech issues are fixed.

Options if You Are Impacted by Delayed Grant Payments

If you have not received your approved SASSA grant due to the recent payment delays, here are some options:

  • Contact SASSA through their toll-free 0800 number for assistance on tracing your payment.
  • Visit your nearest regional SASSA office with your ID and application details for officers to investigate.
  • Check the SASSA online portal regularly to track any status changes or updates.
  • Monitor the official SASSA website and social media for announcements on grant payments resuming.
  • Consider appointing a temporary procurator if you are unable to personally collect payments.
  • Submit any outstanding documents or information requested by SASSA to help finalize your unpaid grant.

Continuously follow up with SASSA through available channels until your approved grant is paid out.

As SASSA works to fix the technical issues and backlogs, approved beneficiaries anxiously await receipt of their much-needed grant funds. SASSA emphasizes that payments are not cancelled or denied but simply delayed.

What is a SASSA Procurator?

If you are unable to collect SASSA grant payments in person, you can appoint a procurator:

  • They must be 18+ years old and a SA resident.
  • You provide an affidavit permitting them to act on your behalf.
  • Procurators submit life certificates confirming they collected your funds.
  • They may act for a maximum of 5 beneficiaries.

Appointing a reliable procurator enables you to receive grant payments through a trusted proxy during times you are unable to collect funds personally.

With millions depending on SASSA grants, restoring the payments quickly remains vital. SASSA encourages recipients to keep checking online or visit regional offices for updates on resolving the technical issues.

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