What To Do If You Lose Your SASSA Card for Grant Payments?

Losing your SASSA card can be stressful, especially if you rely on it to access your monthly grant funds. Fortunately, by taking quick action and following SASSA’s process, you can get a replacement card issued promptly.

In this guide we will learn the key steps to take if your SASSA card is lost, stolen or misplaced.

About the SASSA Card

The SASSA card is a payment card issued by the South African Social Security Agency to grant beneficiaries. Key features include:

  • Allows holders to electronically access monthly grant payments.
  • Functions similarly to a debit card and can be used at ATMs, retailers etc.
  • Is linked to SASSA’s secured Electronic Payment System (EPS).
  • Uses a PIN number chosen by the beneficiary for access to funds.
  • Has embedded chip technology and other security features to prevent unlawful usage.
  • Can be used at various SASSA-approved payment channels like banks and point-of-sale terminals.

Millions rely on the SASSA card to conveniently receive and spend their social grants. Losing this essential card must be addressed quickly.

Step 1: Immediately Report the Lost Card to SASSA

As soon as you realize your SASSA card is lost, stolen or missing, call the SASSA contact centre hotline at 0800 60 10 11 to report it.

Provide key details like your name, ID number, card number, date of incident etc. This swiftly initiates the process of deactivating the card and preventing fraudulent use.

Step 2: Request a Replacement Card from SASSA

During the call, inquire about the process to get a replacement SASSA card issued to you. SASSA will outline the requirements and steps involved.

These typically include visiting your nearest local SASSA office branch to complete affidavits and application forms for card replacement.

Step 3: Visit SASSA Office to Apply for New Card

On the day of your SASSA office appointment, remember to carry your official identification and any other required documents.

At the office, you will fill out an affidavit declaring the card as lost and an application for reissuing. An affidavit fee may apply.

Step 4: Await Feedback on Replacement Card Approval

The SASSA office will advise the expected processing time to approve and issue your replacement card. This is generally between 2-6 weeks.

If approved, you’ll receive an SMS notification to collect the card at the original office where you applied.

Step 5: Activate and Setup Your New SASSA Card

Once you receive the replacement card, you will need to activate it by setting up a new secure PIN before use.

Follow the provided instructions to complete activation and begin using the card to access your grant funds.

Tips for Replacing a Lost SASSA Card

  • Never share your SASSA card PIN with anyone, not even SASSA agents.
  • Take proper precautions to avoid repeat card losses like keeping it in a secure wallet.
  • If your card shows up after reporting it lost, notify SASSA immediately to cancel the replacement.
  • Confirm your grant payments are deposited as usual during the card replacement period.
  • If it is your child’s grant card, apply for the replacement as their parent or guardian.


Losing your SASSA card can be highly inconvenient, but is fixable. Be sure to instantly report the loss or theft to SASSA, apply for a new card at your local office, and follow all instructions to get your grant payments reactivated quickly. This will minimize disruptions to this essential income source.

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