Where is SASSA in Pretoria?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a government agency that provides social grants to eligible South African citizens. SASSA has several office locations throughout Pretoria offering services related to grants.

SASSA Head Office in Pretoria

The main SASSA Head Office is located at:

SASSA House 501 Prodinsa Building Corner Steve Biko and Pretorius Street Pretoria Central 0002

This head office oversees all SASSA operations nationally.

Pretoria CBD SASSA Office

A key local office for customers is based at:

363 Pretorius Street Pretoria Central 0002

This CBD office allows convenient access for grant applications, collections, and enquiries.

SASSA Pencardia Building

Additional SASSA offices are located inside the Pencardia Building:

Pencardia 2 Building 503 Pretorius Street Pretoria 0002

Floors 3 and 4 house further SASSA offices for customer support.

Getting to SASSA Offices in Pretoria

Public transport like buses and taxis operate directly to the Pretoria CBD from various points. The SASSA offices are within walking distance or a short taxi ride.

Driving to the SASSA offices is also straightforward. From the N14 highway, take the Pretorius Street exit to access the CBD easily. Parking is available at the Pencardia building.

SASSA Services in Pretoria

Key services offered at Pretoria SASSA offices include:

  • Applying for new social grants
  • Renewing existing grants
  • Collecting social grant payments
  • Reporting lost or stolen SASSA cards
  • Getting assistance with grant issues or complaints

What to Bring When Visiting SASSA in Pretoria?

Be sure to carry the following when visiting SASSA:

  • Original South African ID book or ID smart card
  • Current SASSA grant card if you have an existing grant
  • Official social grant documentation like approval letters
  • Proof of income or disability if relevant
  • Contact details for status updates

Tips for Visiting SASSA Pretoria

  • Arrive early as queues can be long during peak times
  • Bring water and snacks in case of waiting periods
  • Keep certification documents safe and organized
  • Be patient and treat staff respectfully

SASSA’s offices in Pretoria make applying, collecting, and managing grants more accessible. Locate your nearest office and know which documents to carry for efficient service. You can learn more at Head Office and Regional Contacts.

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