Who Qualifies for SASSA Old Age Grant 2023?

The SASSA old age grant is a crucial financial support provided by government to vulnerable elderly citizens aged 60 and above who have inadequate income. If you are a South African senior struggling to make ends meet, you may qualify for monthly cash payments to assist with daily expenses.

To receive the SASSA old age grant in 2023, applicants need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

Citizenship and Residency Requirements

Only South African citizens, permanent residents and refugees can apply for social grants including the old age grant. You must provide your green, barcoded ID book or smartcard as proof of identification and citizenship/residency status.

Applicants must be residing in South Africa to receive the old age grant payments each month. Foreign nationals who do not have permanent residence status will not qualify.

Minimum Age Limit

To be eligible, you must be at least 60 years old. SASSA provides old age grants specifically for senior citizens aged 60 and above who often face age discrimination in employment.

Payments will continue past age 60 as long as you still meet the eligibility criteria. There is no maximum age limit to receive the old age grant.

Not Receiving Another Grant

An important requirement is that you must not already be receiving another social grant from SASSA for yourself. For example, you cannot get the old age grant if you currently receive a disability grant.

However, your spouse can apply for other grants like the child support grant for any dependents you may have. The key is that an individual cannot obtain multiple self-grants from SASSA.

Pass the Means Test

Although the old age grant is aimed at the elderly, you still need to pass the means test based on your household income and assets. This ensures it reaches seniors most in need.

In 2023, the income threshold is R96,840 per year if you are single. For married couples, the combined income limit is R193,680 per year. If your total household income exceeds these thresholds, you will not qualify.

Cannot Be in an Institution

If you are being cared for full-time in a state institution like an aged care facility, hospital or treatment center, you cannot get the old age grant. This excludes seniors who require periodic treatment or check-ups.

The grant aims to support independent living arrangements rather than fully state-funded institutional care. But if circumstances change, you can apply when back home or in community-based care.

How to Apply for the Old Age Grant

Follow these steps to submit your old age grant application:

  1. Gather your ID, spouse’s ID, marriage certificate (if applicable), income statements and proof of residence.
  2. Obtain the SASSA old age grant application form from your local office or online.
  3. Complete all required personal, spouse and income details on the form.
  4. Submit the application with supporting documents to the nearest SASSA office.
  5. Attend any interviews scheduled with SASSA agents if required.
  6. If approved, you will receive an SMS and can collect your SASSA card to access monthly payments.

When Are Old Age Grants Paid?

If your application is successful, your first old age grant payment will be paid in the month following approval. Thereafter, payments are made on the 3rd day of each month.

The grant money will be deposited into your SASSA card account. You can then withdraw cash or make purchases and payments using the card. As long as you remain eligible, payments will continue monthly.

Old Age Grant Amount in 2023

The maximum old age grant amount is currently R1,980 per month for qualifying individuals. There is no variation based on past income or number of dependents.

Even if you have other sources of income, you can still get the full R1,980 monthly provided you pass the means test thresholds. Any income earned will be considered during annual grant reviews.


The SASSA old age grant enables vulnerable seniors aged 60+ to cover daily living expenses if they have inadequate income. Citizens who meet all the eligibility criteria can apply to ease economic hardships in old age. Ensure you understand the requirements, gather the right documents and submit your complete application for this essential financial support.

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