What to Do If Your SRD Grant Status Says “UIF Registered”

Seeing a status of “UIF Registered” on your COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant application can be confusing. But don’t worry, you can resolve this status if it is incorrect.

A UIF Registered status means SASSA believes you are registered for UIF benefits. This disqualifies you from also receiving the R350 SRD grant.

However, if you are not actually receiving UIF payments, you can appeal the decision to get your grant approved. Follow this guide to understand what “UIF Registered” means and how to fix it.

What is UIF?

UIF stands for Unemployment Insurance Fund. This is a fund managed by the Department of Labour that provides short-term financial relief to workers who lose their jobs in the form of UIF benefits.

When you apply for the SRD grant, SASSA checks if you are registered as a UIF contributor based on your ID number, tax number, bank details etc.

If their records show you as UIF registered, your SRD application is automatically declined. Since being registered for UIF indicates employment, it disqualifies you from the unemployment SRD grant.

Why You May Get a UIF Registered Status

There are two main reasons your SRD application shows as UIF Registered:

  • You are receiving UIF benefits – Payments automatically disqualify you from the SRD grant.
  • You are registered for UIF but not receiving benefits – An error in SASSA’s verification flagged you as a UIF beneficiary.

Unless this status is factually incorrect, SASSA will decline your SRD grant due to presumed UIF eligibility.

How to Appeal and Resolve the Status

If you are registered with UIF but not receiving any payments, promptly appeal the decision:

  • Gather evidence – bank statements, UIF letter, payslips etc proving no UIF money received.
  • Submit appeal online – at srd.dsd.gov.za within 30 days of rejection.
  • Explain you don’t get UIF – provide documents to back this up.
  • Follow up every 2 weeks – phone call or in-person visit until outcome.

With proof of non-receipt of UIF, SASSA can override the error and approve your SRD application.

How to Check and Monitor Status

After appealing a UIF Registered status, be sure to:

  • Log in and check your status regularly via the SASSA SRD portal.
  • Provide any requested documents – to aid SASSA’s re-verification and review.
  • Follow up if still pending after 6 weeks – appeal again if needed.
  • Notify SASSA if you start receiving UIF – or get employed.

Diligently following up on an inaccurate UIF registration status can get it changed to approved.

What to Do If Appeal Successful

If your persistent appeals lead SASSA to correct the UIF error and approve your grant, be sure to:

  • Provide your bank details to start receiving payments.
  • Reapply on time when the SRD grant period expires after 3 months.
  • Abide by all SASSA’s SRD grant rules and conditions.

Being incorrectly flagged as UIF registered can unfairly deny you the SRD grant. But consistently appealing with evidence can resolve this error, restoring access to this essential financial relief when you truly need it.

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