What To Do When Your SRD Grant Status Says “Pending”?

If you’ve applied for the special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant of R350 per month from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), seeing a “Pending” status can be confusing and concerning.

A pending status typically means SASSA has received your application but has not yet made a decision to approve or reject your SRD grant. It remains in a pending state until all verifications are complete.

Don’t panic if you have a pending status. Here is a step-by-step guide on what it means and what you need to do when your SRD grant status is pending.

Why Your SRD Grant Status May Say “Pending”

There are a few common reasons why your SRD grant application remains in a pending status:

  • SASSA is still processing your application. Reviewing and verifying all applications takes time. Yours may still be in a queue.
  • You applied recently. Applications made in the last few days or weeks likely won’t have a final status yet.
  • Your details are still being verified. SASSA verifies identification, employment status, income, citizenship, and more. This can cause delays.
  • You missed providing some documentation. If some required documents are missing, your application may be left pending.
  • You need to reapply after the previous grant lapsed. Grants are only valid for a set period and require reapplying.

Check If You Need to Reapply for the SRD Grant

The most common reason for a pending status is your previous SRD grant has lapsed, requiring you to reapply. Grants are only valid for 3 months, after which you must reapply.

Log in and check your past statuses – if your last status shows as expired or lapsed, you’ll need to submit a new application to continue receiving the R350. SASSA cannot automatically renew it.

How to Resolve a Pending Status?

If your grant didn’t expire but remains stuck in pending, here are steps to help resolve the status:

  • Log in and double check all your details – especially ID number, name, phone, address. Correct any errors.
  • Upload missing documents like proof of income, ID copy, or disability grant letter.
  • Call the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11 to inquire about pending application issues.
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office to get assistance from an agent in person.
  • Follow up every 2 weeks via call or office visit if still pending. Politely ask officials to verify and provide next steps.
  • Reply to any SMS or emails from SASSA requesting more information to complete the review.
  • Submit a new application if your last application has been stuck for over 3 months. There may be an error in the initial one.

Be persistent and patient in following up on a pending status – it can take SASSA weeks to finalize processing. But diligently querying and providing documents can help speed things up.

How Long Can SRD Grant Status Stay Pending?

There is no definite timeframe for how long an SRD grant can remain in a pending status as processing times vary.

However, here are general timelines:

  • New applications: 4-8 weeks to be finalized as verifications are completed.
  • Renewals: 2-4 weeks since original details are already verified.
  • With missing documents: Up to 3 months before being rejected for incomplete forms.
  • Default limit: 3 months before the system cancels a still pending application.

If your grant has been pending for longer than these timeframes, urgently follow up and supply any missing information SASSA requests.

Will I Still Get Paid If Pending?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive any SRD grant payments while your status is still pending. Only approved applicants get paid – those still as pending have not been confirmed as eligible yet.

But if you do eventually get approved, your grant will be back-paid from the initial month you applied. So you won’t miss out on any monthly funds you were entitled to.

Next Steps If Approved After Pending

Once your thorough follow-ups help get your status approved, you’ll need to:

  • Wait for first payment – can take a month so be patient.
  • Notify SASSA of any status changes – if you get a job, report it to avoid committing grant fraud.
  • Renew grant before expiration – set reminders to reapply in time to avoid pending.
  • Provide bank details – to speed up subsequent payments.
  • Comply with SASSA rules – to remain eligible without disruption.

Being persistent with a pending SRD grant status can be frustrating, but is necessary to get approved. Follow up diligently and provide SASSA what they request until your status shows as approved. This will ensure you receive the essential financial relief you need.

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