How to Track Your SRD Grant Application Status with SASSA?

The COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provides much-needed financial relief for unemployed South Africans. If you’ve applied for this R350 monthly grant, you likely want to track the status of your application.

This guide will explain how to check the progress of your SRD grant application using SASSA‘s online platforms and contact center. We’ll also provide an overview of the different types of social grants SASSA administers.

About SASSA and Social Grants

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a government agency under the Department of Social Development. Their mandate is to provide social assistance to vulnerable citizens through distributing social grants.

Social grants are monthly financial benefits paid to eligible individuals who are unable to fully provide for themselves due to poverty, disability, or age. These grants help cover basic living needs.

The main types of SASSA grants include:

  • Old Age Grant
  • Disability Grant
  • Child Support Grant
  • Foster Child Grant
  • Care Dependency Grant
  • Grant-in-Aid
  • Social Relief of Distress Grant

Millions of South Africans rely on these grants for healthcare, nutrition, education, housing and more. Understanding each grant and its requirements is key to accessing this essential support.

Tracking Your SRD Grant Application

The SRD grant provides short-term relief for those unemployed due to COVID-19. You can check your application status online, via phone, WhatsApp or in person.

Checking Online

Visit the SASSA SRD Website and click “Check Online”. Log in with your ID number, date of birth, and the mobile number used to apply. Your status should display.

Via Phone Call

Call the SASSA contact center at 0800 60 10 11. Follow prompts and provide your ID number to speak to an agent who can confirm your status.

Through WhatsApp

Message “Status” to 082 046 8553 on WhatsApp. Reply to prompts with your ID number to receive a message with your status.

In Person

Visit your nearest SASSA office and request an update on your SRD application status from the customer service desk. Provide your ID and application details.

Understanding Possible SRD Application Statuses

When checking your status, you may see:

  • Pending – Your application is still being processed and reviewed.
  • Approved – Your SRD grant application has been approved.
  • Rejected – Your application was rejected for not meeting requirements.
  • Cancelled – Your existing grant has been cancelled by SASSA.
  • Expired – Your previous grant has reached its end date.
  • Payment Date – The specific date you will receive funds each month.

Common Questions on Tracking SRD Grants

What if my status is pending?

This is common. Processing millions of applications takes time. Follow up after 4 weeks if still pending.

What does reapplication pending mean?

It means SASSA is still processing your renewal application for the new month.

How can I change my details?

Log in online and use your reference number to update your phone number, address, or bank details.

Why is my status unavailable?

If you can’t see your status, there may be an error with your ID number or application details. Visit an office for help.

Overview of SASSA’s Social Grants

Beyond the SRD grant, SASSA administers several other key social grants for South Africans in need. Here is a high-level overview:

Child Support Grant

  • Paid to the primary caregiver of a child under 18 years old.
  • Currently valued at R450 per month.
  • Must meet income threshold and South African residency requirements.

Old Age Grant

  • Available to citizens 60 years and older.
  • Currently pays R1,890 per month.
  • Provides income support for retirees and seniors.

Disability Grant

  • For South Africans with permanent physical or mental disabilities.
  • Value of R1,890 per month.
  • Requires doctor assessments and medical reports.

Foster Child Grant

  • Paid to caregivers of foster children under 18.
  • Monthly amount of R1,050.
  • Must meet income criteria.

Care Dependency Grant

  • For those caring for a child or adult with a severe permanent disability.
  • Current grant amount is R1,890 per month.
  • Requires medical assessments and care plan.


  • An additional R420 per month for carers of grant recipients who need full-time care.
  • Must already receive another grant.

Applying for Other SASSA Grants

To apply for other SASSA grants, you must go in person to your nearest SASSA office branch. The full application process involves:

  • Filling out application forms
  • Providing your South African ID, proof of income, bank statements
  • Submitting supporting documents
  • Undergoing assessments if applying for disability grants
  • Waiting for SASSA to process and review your application
  • Getting notification if you are approved and can receive monthly payments

Ensuring you understand the requirements for each grant is important before applying. This helps avoid rejections and delays.


SASSA provides a vital social safety net through its grants system. Millions rely on these funds to survive and support families.

Knowing how to check your SRD grant status is crucial as you wait in anticipation. Hopefully this guide has clearly outlined the online, phone and in-person options available.

With persistence and patience, you can get updates on your SRD application and ultimately receive approval for this essential financial relief. Understanding the other SASSA grants also allows you to access broader assistance as needed.

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