How to Apply SASSA Reference Number?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides critical financial assistance to eligible South Africans through various social grants. To qualify, you must submit an application to SASSA and await approval. Tracking your application status requires obtaining a unique SASSA reference number.

This comprehensive guide examines what a SASSA reference number is, why it’s important, and easy methods to apply for or retrieve your number. Follow these steps to get this essential identifier and monitor your social grant application status.

What is the SASSA Reference Number?

When you apply for a SASSA grant like the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant via GovChat, WhatsApp, or other channels, you receive an alphanumeric code called the SASSA reference number.

This unique identifier allows you to check your application status anytime. SASSA generates it upon submitting your form to help track your approval process. Note down this number as soon as you apply.

Why is the SASSA Reference Number Important?

Your SASSA reference number serves multiple vital purposes:

  • Uniquely identifies your social grant application
  • Enables checking your application status online or via phone
  • Provides access to your SASSA account balance
  • Allows getting a SASSA OTP code for verification
  • Confirms your identity when inquiring about your application

Without your reference number, your application is incomplete. SASSA cannot process forms without this essential identifier code.

Lost Your SASSA Reference Number? Here’s How to Retrieve It

If you misplaced your SASSA reference number, you can still recover it through various methods:

  • WhatsApp: Message 082 046 8553, type ‘SASSA’ for info, then ‘status’ to connect with a agent who can assist.
  • USSD Helpline: Dial 1203210# to access the SASSA menu and follow prompts to receive your number.
  • Agency USSD: Dial 1206227# and follow menu instructions to get your reference number.
  • SASSA Call Center: Phone 0800 601 001, select option 1, and a agent will help recover your number.
  • Nearest SASSA Office: Visit an office in person and request assistance with retrieving your lost reference number.
  • Online Status Check: Log into your account on the SASSA website or Moya app to view your number.

As long as you applied already, retrieving your forgotten reference number is a simple process.

3 Easy Ways to Check Your Reference Number

Once you have your SASSA reference number, you can check your application status through various convenient channels:

1. USSD Helpline Number

To check via USSD helpline:

  • Dial 1203210# on your mobile phone
  • Follow prompts to enter your reference number
  • You will receive an SMS with your application status

2. Agency Administration USSD

To check via agency USSD line:

  • Dial 1206227# on your mobile
  • Input your reference when prompted
  • Receive an SMS with your status details

3. SASSA Call Center

To check via SASSA call center:

  • Call 0800 601 001
  • Select option 1 to speak with an agent
  • Provide your reference number to get your status

How to Apply for Your SASSA Reference Number?

To get your initial SASSA reference number, you must first submit a grant application. Here are some ways to apply and obtain your number:

  • Online via SASSA website – Fill out application form and your reference number is emailed
  • GovChat – Send a “Hi” to 082 046 8553 on WhatsApp. Follow prompts to apply and receive reference number.
  • Call Center – Phone 0800 601 011 to apply via phone and get reference.
  • Local SASSA Office – Visit an office in person to complete an application and get your reference number.
  • Third Party Access Points – Apply via authorized hotspots and receive your reference.

Once submitted, note down your new SASSA reference number and use it to monitor your application status.

Having this unique identifier makes tracking your social grant approval simple. Follow this guide to apply for and utilize your essential SASSA reference number. With it, you can easily check progress and access benefits you qualify for.

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