How to Change Your Cellphone Number with SASSA for Grant Notifications?

If you have applied for a SASSA grant or are receiving monthly payments, it’s essential to keep your registered contact details up to date. This includes your cellphone number where you receive grant payment alerts and notifications from SASSA.

If your number changes due to getting a new SIM card or phone, you need to inform SASSA promptly to ensure you continue receiving important status updates.

Overview of Updating Your SASSA Cellphone Number

According to the SASSA website, you can change your registered contact details including your cellphone number through the following methods:

  • Online via the SASSA self-service portal
  • By phoning the SASSA contact center
  • In-person at your nearest SASSA regional office

Updating your number is quick and straightforward as long as you have your ID number and existing registered phone number handy.

Keeping your details current with SASSA ensures you receive timely SMS notifications about grant application statuses, payment dates, or any other important updates.

How to Change Your Cell Number Online

The quickest way to change your cellphone number with SASSA is online using the secure self-service portal:

  1. Go to the SASSA website and click on “Update Your Details” under the self-service menu.
  2. On the login page, enter your ID number and your existing registered cell number.
  3. Select “Update Cell Number” from the available options.
  4. Type in your new active cellphone number. Ensure it is entered correctly.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and complete the CAPTCHA security check.
  6. Click “Submit Details” to confirm the updated number.

You will receive an SMS notification from SASSA confirming the change. Start receiving grant notifications on your new number.

Changing Cellphone Number by Phoning SASSA

If you don’t have reliable internet access, phoning SASSA is another way to change your registered number:

  1. Call the SASSA contact center on 0800 60 10 11 during operating hours.
  2. Select your language of choice when prompted.
  3. Follow menu options to request “Update Contact Details”.
  4. Provide your ID number and existing registered cellphone number.
  5. Inform the agent of your new active cellphone number.
  6. The agent will update your details on the SASSA system.
  7. Confirm the change and note the reference number received.

Allow 1-3 days for the updated number to reflect on your profile before receiving SMS notifications.

How to Change Cell Number at SASSA Service Offices

You can also visit your nearest SASSA regional office in person to change your registered number:

  1. Locate your closest SASSA office and their operating hours.
  2. Take your original green barcoded ID document along.
  3. On arrival, take a queue number for status updates.
  4. When served, request to change your registered cellphone number.
  5. Provide your ID and existing registered number for verification.
  6. Give the officer your new active cellphone number to update your profile.
  7. Confirm the updated number is entered correctly before leaving.

Visiting an office allows you to change your number in person and ensure the new details are captured accurately.

When to Change Your SASSA Cellphone Number

Here are some situations when you should update your registered cell number with SASSA promptly:

  • After getting a new SIM card and phone number.
  • If your phone gets lost or stolen.
  • When porting your number to a new network provider.
  • If your old number will be deactivated.
  • When your mobile contract number changes.
  • If you have network reception issues on your current number.

Updating SASSA prevents grant notifications going to an obsolete inactive number.

Tips for Changing Cell Number with SASSA

Follow these useful tips when changing your registered cellphone number:

  • Keep your new number safe and confidential once updated.
  • Only notify SASSA directly of number changes – not third parties.
  • Update your number across all government services that may SMS you.
  • Don’t change your number during month-end grant payment cycles.
  • Confirm the new cellphone number is correctly captured.
  • Check your SASSA account profile to confirm number change.
  • Wait 3 days after updating before expecting SMSes on new number.

Keeping your contact details current ensures you stay connected to important, timely updates from SASSA on your grant payments.

Common Questions on Updating Cell Number

Q: How long does it take for SASSA to change my number after I submit it?

Expect the updated number to reflect on your SASSA profile within 48 hours after online or in-person submission. Allow 3 days before receiving SMS notifications.

Q: What if I change my number but SASSA keeps sending SMSes to my old number?

Notify SASSA immediately if notifications are still going to your old number days after updating your new registered number.

Q: Can I update both my cell number and home address at the same office visit?

Yes, you can change both your registered contact number and home address in one visit to your local SASSA regional office.

Q: My old number was disconnected – will this affect changing my SASSA number?

No, you can still change to your new active number even if your old registered number is no longer connected or lost.

Keeping your cellphone number updated with SASSA ensures you continue receiving all notifications and payment alerts promptly through an active registered channel.

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