How to Withdraw Your Monthly SASSA Grant Money?

Millions of South Africans rely on their monthly SASSA grants as a vital source of income. These SASSA grants provide a vital source of income for many families living in poverty, helping them meet their most basic needs.

With rising unemployment levels and deepening inequality exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, citizens rely on securing these grant funds promptly each month. And in this guide we will learn How to Withdraw Your Monthly SASSA Grant Money.

SASSA Card Withdrawals

The SASSA card is the main method cardholders use to access grants. You can withdraw your money at:

  • ATMs – Use your card and PIN to withdraw cash just like a bank card. SASSA has partnered with the big banks for fee-free withdrawals at their ATMs.
  • SASSA Merchants – Swipe your SASSA card at designated merchants like Shoprite, Boxer or Pick n Pay stores to get cash back on purchases.
  • Cash Pay Points – If you lack card access, grants can be collected in cash at pay points like post offices. You will need ID.

For SASSA cardholders, using ATMs or merchants allows withdrawing money securely any day of the month.

Bank Account Deposits

Alternatively, you can have your grant deposited directly into a personal bank account each month. To set up:

  • Visit your nearest SASSA regional office
  • Complete an account payment registration form
  • Provide your bank account details and proof thereof
  • SASSA will confirm once payment routing is updated

Going forward, your grant will be deposited into your nominated account on the regular monthly payment date. You can then visit any branch or ATM to withdraw funds.

SASSA Cardless Options

If you don’t have a SASSA card yet or prefer avoiding card use, these options are available:

Cash Pay Points – As mentioned, grants can be withdrawn in cash at designated pay points upon presenting your ID.

SASSA Offices – Limited cash withdrawals can also be made directly at SASSA offices. Up to R500 per day is available during office hours.

Urgent Payments – If you need emergency grant access between regular payouts, limited urgent payments of up to R180 can be collected from SASSA offices upon request.

Securing Funds Safely

When withdrawing your grant money, make security a priority:

  • Conceal cash carefully when leaving ATMs or pay points
  • Do not allow anyone to handle your SASSA card or see your PIN
  • Shop with a friend or family member if possible
  • Avoid using ATMs in isolated areas, especially at night
  • Report lost or stolen cards/IDs to SASSA immediately

Exercising caution ensures you can securely collect your grant money. Contact SASSA if you have any concerns.

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