How Do I Activate My New SASSA card?

Receiving a new SASSA card in the mail can be exciting, but it needs activation before use. This article outlines the simple process to activate your card and start accessing your SASSA grant securely.

What is the SASSA Card?

The SASSA card is a debit card issued by SASSA to grant beneficiaries for accessing monthly payments. It allows recipients to withdraw cash or transact conveniently without a bank account.

New cards are sent out when:

  • You are approved for a new SASSA grant
  • Your existing card expires
  • Your card is lost/stolen so needs replacement

The new card will arrive sealed in a tamper-proof envelope for security along with a temporary PIN.

Requirements to Activate the Card

To activate, you will need:

  • The sealed SASSA card
  • The provided temporary PIN slip
  • Your 13-digit RSA ID number
  • A working cell phone for OTP receipt

Do not open the sealed card envelope until ready to activate. Keep your temporary PIN confidential and secure.

Step 1 – Insert Card at SASSA Merchant

First, locate your nearest SASSA merchant like a Shoprite, Boxer, Pick n Pay or ATM. Insert the new SASSA card into the POS device or ATM.

When prompted, enter the default temporary PIN received. This will begin the card activation process.

Step 2 – Enter Identity Number

After entering the temporary PIN, you will be prompted to enter your 13-digit RSA ID number.

This verifies your identity and links the card securely to your SASSA beneficiary profile.

Enter your ID number carefully to avoid errors.

Step 3 – Set Up New PIN

Next, you will set up a new 5-digit PIN for your card to replace the temporary one:

  • Enter your desired confidential 5-digit PIN
  • Re-enter the same PIN again to confirm

Remember this PIN – it will be needed to transact and withdraw funds in future.

Step 4 – OTP Confirmation

An OTP (one-time PIN) will then be sent to your registered cell phone number to finalize activation:

  • Enter the 6-digit OTP received via SMS
  • You will get 3 chances to input it correctly

This completes the card activation process. You can now use it to access your grant!

However, if you lose your card, you can read our guide at: What To Do If You Lose Your SASSA Card for Grant Payments?

Important Usage Tips

Once active, remember these card usage tips:

  • Never share your PIN with anyone
  • Transaction fees may apply at retailers
  • Change your PIN regularly for security
  • Memorize your PIN rather than writing it down
  • Report lost/stolen cards to SASSA immediately

Get Started with Your Card Today

Activating your new SASSA card is quick and easy at any participating retailer. Follow the steps outlined above to start securely accessing your grant funds. Reach out to the SASSA call center if you encounter any issues during activation.

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