How Will I Know if My SRD Appeal is Approved?

Getting rejected for South Africa’s SASSA SRD relief grant can be difficult. But if you appeal the decision, how do you check whether your SRD appeal was approved? This guide explains the steps to monitor your appeal status.

What is the SASSA SRD Grant Appeal Process?

The SRD grant provides temporary financial relief for struggling South Africans. If your application is rejected, you can appeal within 30 days to provide more documentation proving eligibility.

The Sassa Appeals Tribunal thoroughly re-evaluates your appeal claim and supporting evidence. It aims to determine if the original rejection was mistaken.

How to Check Your SASSA SRD Appeal Status?

Follow these steps to check whether your Sassa SRD grant appeal was approved:

1. Have your SRD Appeal Reference Number

This unique number was provided when you first submitted the appeal. It allows tracking the status.

2. Go to the SASSA Website

Visit and locate the SRD Appeal Status section. Or check via the SASSA mobile app.

3. Log Into Your SASSA Online Profile

Sign in with your username and password for your online account.

4. Enter Your SRD Appeal Reference Number

Key in your reference number in the required field and submit it.

5. View Your Current SRD Appeal Status

The status should display as either “Pending”, “Resolved”, or “In Progress”. Pending means awaiting review. In Progress means being evaluated. Resolved indicates a final appeal decision was made.

6. Contact SASSA if Needed

Reach out to the SASSA helpline at 012 312 7727 if you have any difficulties checking online.

7. Check Regularly and Be Patient

Expect the review process to take some time. Check back every few weeks for status updates.

Keep your reference number secure and handy. Utilize the official SASSA online facilities to get accurate, up-to-date status on your SRD grant appeal. This helps provide clarity on whether your appeal was approved or not as you await the outcome.

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