What To Do If Your SASSA Grant Is Approved But Not Paid Out?

After applying for a SASSA grant, your status may show as approved but you have still not received the expected funds. This can occur due to administrative delays or incorrect banking details.

In this guide we will explore the reasons your approved SASSA grant has not been paid out and how to resolve the issue.


Millions of South Africans rely on social grants from SASSA for income support. Once approved, recipients expect funds to be promptly disbursed into their bank account.

However, you may check your status and see your grant is approved, but no funds have been received days or weeks later.

If your grant status is approved but unpaid, you should urgently follow up with SASSA to resolve this. Delayed payments can severely impact beneficiaries who depend on the funds.

Why Your Approved Grant Has Not Been Paid

There are several reasons why your approved SASSA grant may reflect as authorized but you have not received funds:

  • Incorrect bank account details – SASSA cannot pay into an account that does not match your application.
  • Failed or rejected EFT payment – If the transfer of funds is unsuccessful or bounced back.
  • Administrative delays – Backlogs and delays in processing payments at month-end peaks.
  • Missing or incorrect ID – If your ID details do not correspond with bank account provided.
  • Grant deductions – Certain deductions can be made from your approved funds before you receive the balance.
  • Account frozen – If your account is frozen or blacklisted for any reason.
  • Account not FICA compliant – Bank account must meet FICA requirements for SASSA deposits.

How to Resolve Non-Payment of Approved Grant

Here are the steps to take if your SASSA grant status is approved but funds are still outstanding:

1. Confirm your grant status

Check the SASSA online portal or call them to confirm that your grant does reflect as approved and activated.

2. Validate your bank details

Ensure the bank account number, branch code, account holder name and ID number you provided SASSA are 100% accurate.

3. Follow up with your bank

Speak to your bank to check if they have received or rejected a SASSA payment into your account. Notify SASSA if rejected.

4. Visit your local SASSA office

Go to your nearest SASSA office with ID and your application reference number. Have an officer trace your approved payment.

5. Update your details

If your banking details were incorrect, visit SASSA to provide accurate account details and have the payment redirected.

6. Submit any missing documents

If certain documents or details were outstanding, submit them so the payment can be processed to your account.

7. Enquire about deductions

Ask SASSA about any deductions made from your approved grant amount before the balance is paid out.

8. Follow up regularly

Keep contacting SASSA until the issue is resolved if your approved grant funds are still not reflecting.

9. Request escalation

If there is no clear resolution after weeks, formally request for your non-payment issue to be escalated.

Continuously following up is important if your approved SASSA grant is delayed or unpaid. This will help resolve the underlying issue.

When to Follow Up on Non-Payment

Here is a guide on when you should start following up if your approved grant is not paid out:

  • After 5 days if you have not received funds or a payment notification.
  • After 1 week if funds have still not reflected and bank shows no deposit.
  • After 2 weeks if your bank confirms no SASSA payment received for the approved grant amount.
  • After 1 month if the issue persists despite contacting SASSA with no resolution.
  • After 2 months if your approved grant funds are still unpaid, request formal escalation.

Do not wait lengthy periods to follow up – take action as soon as you notice the non-payment. This will help expedite resolution.

Key Takeaways

  • Confirm your grant status shows as approved if unpaid.
  • Validate all your banking details provided to SASSA are 100% accurate.
  • Proactively follow up with your bank and SASSA immediately.
  • Keep contacting SASSA regularly until the approved payment issue is resolved.
  • If the problem persists after 2 months with no resolution, request escalation.

Following the above steps will help get your unpaid approved SASSA grant dispersed to the correct account sooner.

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